Six Pound Challenge – Failed!

In high school… I could eat! I was a growing boy. I was always hungry and never gained weight. I was invincible. Or so I thought. There was (maybe still is) a restaurant in Tampa that offered a six pound challenge. Ninetysix ounces of beef for the willing. Eat it all and the table eats for free. I rolled in there with my family like owned the place. I was so confident I even took a date! The whole family gathered around to watch… they ordered what they wanted because surely we’d all be eating for free.


A tale of two snowmen

Our neighborhood in Baltimore is situated between several colleges and universities and therefor we have many student renters living on our block. It gives me the chance to often think back and realize what a horrible tenet I must have been – back in the day. When we ran out of oil for the furnace we would burn garbage in the fireplace and all sleep in the living room.
During the snow storm last week several snowmen sprung up after the weather cleared. The boys to our right are athletes (I had to spell check athlete) while the boys to our left have a drum kit that they practice on early in the morning.
When looking at the snowmen, I’m certain you can guess whom belongs to whom.

Make a High Contrast Mobile from Instructables.com

I’m not sure if Judah is going to grow up to be a pilot or a giraffe trainer… he spends a lot of time looking up at the ceiling. The area above his crib is pretty plain so I thought I’d make a mobile for him to look at while he drifts off to sleep listening to music from his Ipod (Docked, or course. They don’t make earbuds his size.)

Our haiku challenge

on the amstel canal northern lights uncluttered my mind peaceful tidbits linger by: susan       stray dog barks for me disregard, i’ll sleep it off then a human […]

holy cow

holy cow Originally uploaded by LiPgLoSs FoOl. Susan is off backpacking across India with her friend Sarah. We’ve been able to keep in touch through email, Ichat and sometimes a […]