$#*! my son’s caterpillar doesn’t say

Several times between now and the era of the stage 2 Huggie overnight diapers I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of sleep deprivation to awake in the land of disproportionate proportions with over sized talking caterpillars, four keyed colorful pianos and airplanes whose propellers spin with a psychedelic glow not too far off from the St. Elmo’s fire that buzz around the blades of a turboprop before a lightening strike


If you watch enough daytime TV… you will get cramps

In the morning we sit on the porch in our jammies and eat breakfast while the morning commuters honk at each other. Eight hours later we eat a snack outside and watch them return. Typically, we take a couple walks a day with one of the dogs and make sure the neighborhood is in check. We watch a little TV… “Two hours a day maximum, either educational or football. So as you don’t ruin your appreciation of the finer things.”


Family photo slideshows – minus the shag carpeting.

Oh, how I wish I owned a Flux Capacitor, a Delorean and had a friend named “Doc” so I could travel back to the Nixon era and start a family. I’d love to be on the cutting edge of 70’s technology and invite everyone over to the den to watch a slide show on the drop down screen above the bar of the baby. I’d set it to vinyl and spin Bowie’s “Hunky Dory” and dim the lights.

The latest in our adoption journey – said with a heavy heart.

We’ve come across many unexpected obstacles in the 7 weeks since Judah’s birth and navigated several stressful events in the three months prior but the latest, unfortunately, is the most serious one yet. Through it all, when people would sympathize with the lack of sleep brought on by a newborn, I would laugh and say, “He is the easiest part!”

24 hours old

Judah Originally uploaded by stork123 We’re right down the hall in our own room and go in to feed and change him every three hours. While we’ve begun to split […]

My date with another woman.

Last week I took the birth mom to the Doctor for another sonogram. We’re onto weekly appointments now and I will see her every Friday until the due date of 1.9.10.

We checked in and she rushed off to the restroom. I guess these things happen when you are 35 weeks into a pregnancy. I sat with my back to the receptionist and took note of all the pregnant women in the room. Actually, this is the third seat I took.

At first I decided on a love seat with a floral print and no signs of swine flu with room for two. Once seated, I wasn’t sure how close we should sit. We’ve known each other for more than a month now and have had several times alone together but with all the other moms in the room and the floral print and maybe she doesn’t like love seats.
I got up and moved to a couch for three leaving room for the holy ghost (as the nuns would say in grade school) but then I realized it was out of sight of the bathroom and feared she wouldn’t see me and think we backed out. Then I chose a real comfy love seat with several empty chairs to the right and left and ample magazines to choose from. All this was done in the span of about 60 seconds. All the pregnant moms were watching me. “This guy has some serious nesting issues.” I assumed they were thinking.

Phew, I took my seat.

“Mr. Lebowski.” The receptionist called out. Apparently at me. (Her name isn’t Lebowski although that would be great. We’d have to name our son “Duderino.”)

“Mr. Lebowski.” The receptionist called out. Again.