I plan on being my son’s Don Draper

I also plan to splice in some retro commercials from Youtube into our viewing routine to manipulate his ‘wants’ and convince him hand me downs and toys from Ebay are the must have holiday gifts. One year he’s gonna go crazy for Furby’s while the next he won’t be able to live without Castle GreySkull.
You can by a 1985 Teddy Ruxpin (with 2 cassettes!) for 15 dollars on Ebay.


Mornings in a Hotel: “Where am I? What Time is it?”

A friend once told me that everyday he wakes up in a hotel it feels like waking up with a hangover. “I’m not sure where I am or how I got here but at least I have my pants on.”

Add in the fact that we stay in a variety of hotels with countless floor plans, alarm clock models and coffee makers and sometimes you’d think you were at a bachelor party the night before.
Throw in a 4:30am wake up call and that bachelor served nothing but “Mind Eraser” shots followed by Jagermeister to chase is all down with.

Make a High Contrast Mobile from

I’m not sure if Judah is going to grow up to be a pilot or a giraffe trainer… he spends a lot of time looking up at the ceiling. The area above his crib is pretty plain so I thought I’d make a mobile for him to look at while he drifts off to sleep listening to music from his Ipod (Docked, or course. They don’t make earbuds his size.)