Must Have Been a Hard Three Hours at Daycare


I dropped him off at daycare before lunch with the plan of only having him there for three hours while I ran some errands.
Three hours.
He was there for three hours!
Part of that was lunch. He was falling asleep in my arms as I carried him to the car. How much energy could a kid burn in three hours?
Knowing that there would be a pretty solid nap in our future upon arrival I knew I had to get him home in the amount of time it takes me to give my passenger boarding briefing. “Son, from the flight deck. Welcome aboard… we should be on our way soon. Expect a couple of bumps on our climb out but it should smooth out and be a pretty nice ride for us at our cruising altitude…”
He’s asleep.
We’ve hardly left the parkinglot.
Daycare must be earning their keep.
Although I’m home often on weekdays and have the option to be with him almost exclusively I feel I am running out of ways to keep him entertained and enriched.
Obviously! He never passes out after just a few hours of playtime with me.