Something I haven’t heard in sometime. “First Available?”

“First Available?”

I was asked this last night when looking for a table in Milwaukee. I haven’t heard that in years! It took a second to register what she was asking… and then I couldn’t remember what the alternative answer was. “Um… no. Last available? Er… Whichever is first – as long as it’s not smoking. Well… unless it’s going to be a really long wait. What is the divider between the two availables? If it’s that half wall, I’ll take smoking if I’m within a tables width of the divider. Where are the vents? Are they smoking near the bathroom? Will I have to walk through the smoking section to get to the bathroom? Does the food get carried through the smoking portion to get to me?”

And then I smelled something this morning I haven’t smelled in years. My cloths stunk! I used to carry around spacesaver bags (yep – from the infomercial) for all overnights except for Canada. Those Canadians know how to party! “Outside with your smokes, ey. Yes! I know it’s -20c”

Those spacesaver bags are great. I’d to put all my smokey clothes in when I packed my suitcase so my  non-smokey stuff would stay clean for the next day. (Note – when rolling the bags to push the air out – keep your nose away from the exhaust holes. It’s a whiff you’ll never forget.)

I guess if I plan on eating in Wisconsin, I’ll have to dig those bags out of retirement. Or start smoking.